It’s Been Awhile- and I have News!

There’s so much to say!

First of all, our sweet little family moved from Texas to North Carolina!
We’re ready for new adventures!


In other exciting news, I would like to explain the reason for my absence from this blog. I’ve been busy writing a book!

Meet Nellie Nova.

nellienova3 (1)

“Nellie Nova Takes Flight” is the first book in the Nellie Nova series. It will be available in the Fall of 2015.

Nellie appears to be a normal nine year old girl. But Nellie is not normal. Nellie is an amazingly gifted scientist who lives in a family of amazingly gifted scientists. One day, her brother, Niles, who is eleven, teases her (as all respectable big brothers do.) This time, however, Niles goes too far when he tells Nellie that girls are silly and no woman has ever changed the world. This sets off a spark of an idea in Nellie’s most amazing mind and sends her down the path to create a time machine and meet wonderful women who made a mark on the world. First stop, Amelia Earhart! With a few bumps along the way and a government agency out to steal her technology, Nellie and Niles are in for an incredible adventure.


I am really excited about Nellie Nova for a few reasons. First of all, I have noticed that there’s a lack of strong female characters in literature for kids. While I see no harm in princess stories, I think it is important for both boys and girls to see that girls can be more than pretty and do not always need to be rescued. Better yet, Nellie loves science and shows that girls can be scientists and engineers if they want to be.

Something else I am excited about it is the fact that the books feature homeschoolers. There are not a lot of homeschooelers in literature. I think this is a disservice not only to homeschooled kids, but to their traditionally schooled peers as well. Since the homeschool movement is growing at such a rapid pace, more and more kids are homeschooled every year. It only makes sense for homeschooled characters to start becoming more common, not only so homeschoolers have characters they can identify with, but also so that public and private schooled kids can see that homeschoolers are not so different after all.

I’ll be sharing more about Nellie Nova here, but check out Nellie’s facebook page for updates as well!