Why Homeschool Series- Family


I am often asked why exactly we decided to learn outside of a school setting. It’s not a super common choice, though homeschooling is on the rise.  I thought I would start my blog out with a series on why my family made this choice. I can’t speak for all homeschooling families and I am not attempting to belittle the choices of others. I am just explaining some of the reasons we’ve decided to keep our kids home.


No matter how you look at it, traditional schooling takes a lot of time out of a child’s day. The days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into years and pretty soon, that adds up to a large portion of their lives spent away from family. Call me crazy, but I love having my kids around (not to say that I don’t need a break from time to time!) But seven hours away, five days a week for a five year old (my state has full day Kindergarten) just seems like too much time. It’s cutting out a large portion of their childhood. Recently, there’s been a push for longer school days or longer school years. This would only take away more time from the family.

My family has a great dynamic. I know we are not typical, but we’re together a ton and we like it that way. My husband works from home at least two days a week, often more. He’s present in a way a lot of fathers (and mothers) are unable to be. It’s wonderful. It’s important to us that we all have a strong bond and homeschooling has helped ensure that we can maintain that bond as the kids get older.

A few weeks ago, my kids and I cut through the local elementary school’s parking lot on our walk to the adjacent neighborhood park. Some students were outside for recess. As they were walking, my seven year old took my five year old’s hand and held it. In front of all those other kids, he had no fear of holding his sister’s hand. It was so sweet. It’s the little moments like that that remind me that it’s all worth it.


I love our family dynamic and I know that our choice to homeschool has greatly contributed to our family life. I am so thankful we have this opportunity and I know that we’re all better for it.

Check back tomorrow for part two in this series!